Our services

Below is a list of all our available services. You can book directly online and contact us with any questions!


Replacing of Electrical Pool D.B Timers & repairs

Having problems with your electrical box? Clint's Pool Repairs can repair or replace your electrical box with top of the range and custom-made electrical boxes that will work best for all your pool needs.

Installing of Filters & Sand Replacement

The sand in a pool sand filter is specially built to trap particles in the 20 - 100 micron range. As a sand filter collects dirt, its efficiency increases, trapping more dirt. When the pressure gauge ...

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We Specialise in Pool Pump Repairs, New & Old

Clint's Pool Repairs has extensive experience in all sorts of pool pumps and pool pump repairs and solving any issues you may have regarding your pool pump. We are available to come and evaluate the ... Read more